Forex-Marktstunden SRI LANKA

Forex-Handel in Sri Lanka verboten

In case the Company cannot execute the order due to changes in trading prices during the order execution , the limit order shall wait again for the price set by the Client and then executed. The purchase shall be executed when the traded price of the instrument on the Platform shall reach the price set by the Client and if the order cannot be executed at the price set by the Client due to the volatility of the instrument price than the order shall be executed at the available trading price on the Trading Platform which is closest to the price set by the Client and in which the order is applicable.

The sell shall be executed when the traded price of the instrument on the Platform shall reach the price set by the Client and if the order cannot be executed at the price set by the Client due to the volatility of the instrument price than the order shall be executed at the available trading price on the Trading Platform which is closest to the price set by the Client and in which the order is applicable.

Such rollovers are sometimes accommodated with overnight currencies interest differences that affect the Trading Account. In case that the Client has an open position on Wednesday at , the Client shall be charged with Swap commission for three days. When a Client opens a position that its size is greater than the amount of money that was deposited by the Client, it means that the Client is making use of leverage.

The Client agrees to deposit to the Company, upon demand, additional funds as required as guarantees, for securing losses in open or foreseeable. In case the Client fails to meet such margin call, the Company may close the Client's position s at such prices and times that may be less favorable to the Client and the Company shall have no liability with the aforementioned. All data collected, whether kept in physical or computerized form, shall be safeguarded by the Company in such order that will enable to maintain the Client's Privacy and access to the information shall be restricted according to the need to provide services to the Client and the Company's operation.

Cancellation of this consents hall be performed by providing written notice to the Company, and shall apply to new publications that have not been sent. The Client is required to have prior knowledge of Forex and other. Financial Instruments trading and to consider its actions and the risks involved before making any action in the Trading Platform. The Client acknowledges that he has read and understood the attached Risk Disclosure which is as inseparable part of this Agreement.

By doing so, the Company does not undertake or obligate as to the accuracy or completeness of the information or to the trading implications or tax implications of a certain transaction. All risks associated to the above are under the sole responsibility of the Client. The Client shall personally report and pay any tax liability he is obligated to.

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The Company serves as a mediator only and does not collect or withhold tax for the Client. The Company's reserve the right, if ordered by an official entity, to deduct tax from the Client and deliver it to the proper tax authority. The Client may review open transactions and the state of the Margin funds at any time by accessing the Trading Account on the Trading Platform of the Company and review reports created by the Company.

The Company does not send printed reports to the Client.

The Client should immediately report to the Company of any discrepancy and bring it to its attention. All trading certificates and monthly reports shall be considered at true and acceptable by the Client if no complaint has been serviced upon their receipt.

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk. It is important that you understand that with investments, your capital is at risk. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Old Forex Act Vs. New Forex Act

It is your responsibility to ensure that you make an informed decision about whether or not to invest with us. If you are still unsure if investing Client Agreement 1. Introduction 1. Vincent and the Grenadines, with respect to the execution of foreign exchange, shares, indices and other financial instruments rates "Forex Trading" , through the Company's Trading Platform supplied to the Client by the Company the: "Trading Platform" and any other service provided by the Company to the Client the "Company's Services". Clients are obliged to ensure that there are no obstacles, legal or of any other kind, preventing them from lawfully using the Company 's services.

Such payments will be automatically deducted from the Trading Account once payment is due. Funds in a Trading Account will not accumulate any interest nor will the client be awarded any privileges for such funds other than rollover or swap interest as will be elaborated on below in article 8. Non-delivery of the SWIFT confirmation or in case the details do not match to those of Trading Account , may prevent the funds from being deposited to the Trading Account. Determining the amount of Margin required and the Client's obligations towards the Company shall be according to the Company 's sole discretion.

Client must provide full package of KYC documents Identification card, Proof of address, Proof of payment: front card copy - showing only the last 4 digits, expiration date and credit card holder name; back card copy — Showing only last 4 credit card digits and your signature ;. If the Client does not have sufficient funds to cover its liabilities, the Client must deposit additional funds immediately upon demand by the Company , otherwise the Company may close the transactions in the Client's Account.

Notice will be provided to the Clients by E-mail or posting a message on the Company 's website. The Company may change the terms and rules under this section, including the duration by which the account will be defined as inactive, the level of activity in the account that shall beclassified as a low level of activity, minimal amount of funds that the Client is required to hold in the Trading Account , as well the size of commission for inactive classified account.

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