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Rollmann Robert Boeckel Robert Tarlo Herm. Rumpp Emil Guenther Aug. Bein Hon. James P. EVERY MONTH IN EVERY YEAR during the life of your wife or child a certain definite income can be arranged to be paid them regularly as Time itself. Money loaned on approved security. Rents boxes for safe keeping of valuables in burglar and fire proof vaults.

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Acts as Executor, Administrator, Guardian or Trustee. Wills written and kept in vault without charge. First class Mortgages for sale for investment. OFFICERS GEORGE KESSLER, President PHILIP SPAETER, 1st Vice-President PHILIP DOERR, 2nd Vice-President HERMAN WJSCHMAN, Secretary and Treasurer PHILIP E. Berlinger Philip Spaeter Wm. Nass C. Preisendanz Daniel W. Grafly J. Edwin Rech August P. Kunzig Chas.

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Miller Wm. Berlinger Chas. Strickler Jacob Kramer Dr. Strittmatter John McGlinn Joseph Medicus Gustav A. Kirchner Albert F. Schoenhut Die Beamten Sprechen Deutsch 12 Herman G. Kumme Director of Second Festival Concert and the United Singers of Philadelphia Eugen Klee Director of First Festival Concert Emil P. Ulrich Director of Reception Concert Enoch W. LORD COMPANY N. NICKLES, Notary C. MAYER, Atty. BISLER, Inc. BRUBAKER, Manager. Exceptional value. Friedrich F. Haussmann, Sec'y Henry Hofmann Alfred Loeb Frank Sima Lorenz Walther Agitation Committee.

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Julius Spiess, Chairman Geo. Haussmann Frank Sima Fridolin Stopper Henry Wellbrook Lorenz Walther Finance Committee. Mowitz Henry Schmidt Louis F. Schuck, Sec'y Julius Spiess Henry Wellbrook Decoration Committee. Henry Kaiser, Chairman Henry B. Bach, Sec'y Ad. Buehler Jas. Bussemer Conr. Gerhard Chr. Gwinner Wm. Hammer J. Hohmann John Hornbach Robert Linemann M. Meusling Geo. Ringele Chas. Ritter Joseph Schlenz Henry Stelz Hotel Committee. Gutjahr, Sec'y Jos. Hassemer Wm. Katzmann Ahust Maehler Gottlieb Staudenmayer for 23rd National Souvenir Committee.

Frank Sima, Chairman Edm. Wolsieffer F. Haussmann Press Committee. Max Heinrici, Chairman E. Ditges Paul Epple O. Regenspurger Ad. Timm Louis Werner F. Haussmann Committee for Prizes.

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Frank Sima, Chairman F. Haussmann Henry Hofmann Reception Committee. Dornhofer, Chairman Fr. Lindhorst John Andreas E. Behre Franz J. Eigenbauer Jacob Eppendorf Gustav Fischer Ernst Foerg C. Gartzke Paul Geisler Oscar Goehring Jos. Hecking Oscar Heyman Jos. Kieffer Chas. Koehler Otto Landenberger Henry Kuenzel Stephen Lippert John B. Mayer A. Mehnen H. Minderjahn F. Orlemann T. Schneider Fred Schramm Louis F. Schuck M. Schuler Geo. Schumacher M. Sontheimer Fridolin Stopper Henry Wellbrook Chas.

Yokel Printing Committee.

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John B. Mayer, Chairman C. Huch Alfred Loeb F. Haussmann Railroad Committee. Mayer, Sec'y Arno P. Mowitz Julius Spiess Fridolin Stopper Saengerfest Parade Committee. Louis Schmidt, Chairman Gustav Barowsky Franz Becker John Bittel Fred Gartner Gottlob Hammer Fritz Hartung Carl Hillenbrand August Knorr Jos. Kieffer Peter Kugler Henry Lierz Gustav Roth John Schaack Henry Ulrich Jos. Wadlinger Corr. Max Zeitler, Chairman F. Haussmann Henry Kaiser Karl Kothe Emil Schnell A. Seipp Frank Sima Lorenz Walther C. Weigand Picnic Committee. Carl Kothe, Chairman Chas. Bohle Christn.

Born Herm. Flemming Gotti. Friz Ad. Glanzmann Emil Haeussler Eugen Haberle Math. Hofacker Fred Huetter Conrad Kolb Chas. Link Stephen Lippert Robt. Schulze Theo. Schwab Jacob Wagner Peter Weber Police Committee. Mayer, Chairman Theo.

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Brennecke Chas. Emely Sanitary Committee. Gerlach, Chairman Dr. Bernheim Dr. Smith Dr. Gerald O'Farrell Dr. Grady Dr. Miller Dr. Schaefer Dr. Buchanan Hall Committee. Julius Spiess, Chairman Louis F. Elsenhans Conr. Gerhardt Henry Wellbrock Henry Koch 20 Henry Detreux President Geqrge Ringele 2nd Vice-President George Schumacher Financial Secretary Julius Spiess 1st Vice-President Charles Yockel Treasurer F. Security Service RED STAR LINE Philadelphia to Antwerp One Class 11 Cabins only.

Excellent accommodations in two, three and four-berth staterooms, all in centre of steamer. Hartmg s Jellies and Preserves you are getting tbe purest and best goods on the market and tkey cost no more tkan inferior goods. Ask your Grocer for them Tke Highest Note in the ScaJe of perfection is reached and sustained by the JESSE JONES Fine Paper Boxey Candy Boxes, Wedding Cake Boxes, Shelf, Document and Packing Boxes When you need a quality package of any kind, consult with the Jesse Jones Paper Box Co.

Presser Co. The greatest circulation of any musical journal in the world. These Sangerfeste taught the need and value of organization; and hence the origin of the Sangerbund or rather, indeed, in view of the vastness of area of our land, of several Sangerbuende. The first few Sangerfeste were, to be sure, held in the East, but the plan of organizing into a larger union originated with the societies in the West.

The doings of the societies in the Fatherland, and in equal measure the doings of the societies at Cincinnati, spurred and fired the Eastern cities, and Philadelphia took the lead. On Sunday, Tune 16th, the merry-making societies met in Military Hall, Library Street, with a view to forming a large and permanent association. Pumps Cylinder and Valve Seats Rebored in Position Change Your Solid Plunger and Ring to Our Packed System for Elevator Pumps Manufacturers of the Nolan Seatless Blow-Off Valve Phone or Send Postal, Let us Estimate NEW FACTORY LOCATION S.

American St. Estimates Given. All Work Guaranteed. Phone: Bell, Filbert, Phone: Keystone, Main Night Phones : Diamond A ; Poplar D Ckarles Bond Goodall Rubber Company Co. Seventh St. That a General Eastern Sangerbund be created by the present assembly. That it shall be the object of said Sangerbund to cultivate singing among men, and to hold a general Sangerfest every year. That, in compliance with the desire of the Baltimore singers, the next general Sangerfest be held in the city of Baltimore.

That a committee be appointed charged with the execution of these resolutions, and with the elaborations of the details. The adoption of these resolutions marked the origin of the Northeastern Sangerbund. It has passed from a thought, a hope, and a wish, into a reality, and was now ready to begin its lofty cultural mission. What we can offer here is but the meagerest indication of that which we should say were we not pressed for want of space.

Yet we shall, ere giving a few further necessary facts and data, insert here one reflection. Previous to what is rightfully termed the First National Sangerfest of the Northeastern Sangerbund, there had not been wanting those prophets of evil who felt it incumbent on themselves to predict on all occasions and under all circumstances, naught other than the most direful disaster. But these croakers had for once exerted themselves in vain. On the contrary, all Philadelphia instantly realized that the German singers were not to be classed and treated as ignorant aliens who had no other ambition than that of exploiting the land that had extended to them the friendly hand of welcome, but rather, indeed, as men who had come over to our land with a purpose and with the conviction that they had something to offer in guerdon of that which their adoptive country gave.

And Philadelphia did accept this priceless contribution. The City of Brotherly Love was heart and hand for the festivities which her German singers had arranged. She showed herself a most appreciative host. Six decades and two years ago, good cheer did lord it over the town. In keeping with the second resolution, as given above, one Sangerfest was held each year, the three cities which had the largest German population and the largest number of singing societies as well: Philadelphia, Baltimore and New York, being by turns the festal cities.

The First National Sangerfest of the Northeastern Sangerbund was followed by the Second National Sangerfest, held in Baltimore, Tune 7, 8, 9 and 10, Established nearly one hundred years ago. Successor to C. Second St. Heinemann G Co. Electrical Contractors and Manufacturers : ; Fifth and Girard Ave. Manufacturers of All Kinds of FOLDING PAPER BOXES FRANKLIN and WILLOW STS.

EE Fifth National Sangerfest, held in Baltimore, June 4, 5, 6 H and 7, H Sixth National Sangerfest, held in New York, Tune 24, M. Seventh National Sangerfest, held in Philadelphia, June 13, 1 14, 15, 16 and 17, The call to cheer was silenced by the call to arms. Then followed the : n Tenth National Sangerfest, held in Philadelphia, July 13, - H 14, 15 16, 17 and 18, EE n Eleventh National Sangerfest, held in Baltimore, July 10, Ei, -: 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15, In point of fact, it EE H was no age at all.

If anything, it was a gap or blank. So thought, so done. So with the Bund. The time was opportune. College and Ridge Avenues Established Both Phones Bernhard Ernst Bros. SMOKERS UTOn OF ALL KINDS OF F llOll BOILED HAM AND TONGUE Wholesale Dealers in ALL KINDS OF SALTED AND PICKLED FISH CHIPPED DRIED BEEF OFFICE N. Marshall Street Under U. ALBRECHT CHESTNUT ST. FOURTH ST. Delaware Ave. Represented by D. There were no nays. There was but this amendment that — three years should intervene between the Sangerfeste.

The place of the New n York singers, who did not at once rejoin the Bund, was filled by the societies of Brooklyn. Later on, also, Newark arose to the rank of a festal city. M Concerning this Sangerfest, we will but take the space to say that it was in y- H every way a credit to Philadelphia and her singers. A volume e ii might be written on this Fest alone. Then followed the A: H Nineteenth National Sangerfest, the Golden Jubilee of the EEE H Sangerbund, held in Brooklyn, June 30, July 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, EE m E Twenty-first National Sangerfest, held in Newark, June 30, M 1 July 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5, August H.

Tiemann, Vice-President. Korth, Recording Secretary. M n Frederick W. Haussmann, Corresponding Secretary. EEE n H rilll 1 lillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllUllllllllllllllllilllillllllllllll llfr 31 Established Bell Phone, Poplar D Open 9 A, M.

Open from 3 A. SPRINGER Successor to J. We serve the best and purest food Nature produces 12TH AND FILBERT STS. A U B E L Industrial, Plain and Ornamental WIRE AND IRON RAILING WORKS Manufacturers of Wire and iron window guards, wire and iron chairs, settees, flower stands, coal and sand sieves, fencing, cellar window guards, tree guards, fire escapes, cellar doors, grave markers, galvanized sheet iron awnings, etc. Peter Sclimitt Manufacturer of ARTISTIC JEWELRY Dealer in WATCHES AND DIAMONDS X. ELEVENTH ST. Between Market and Chestnut MRS.

KIEFFER Undertaker and Embalmer W. Fifth St. Philadelphia Manufacturer of Copper, Iron and Brass Work of every description for Breweries, Dye Works, Sugar Houses, Chemical Works, Steamboats, Confectioneries, etc. DruS 6 N. Wagon delivery service throughout Philadelphia Camden, N. HANNAH W. STUART Successor to Wm. Stuart FUNERAL DIRECTOR W. Lehigh Ave. PILGRIM LAUNDRY CO. AND GLENWOOD AVE. The record which they have made within a space of thirty and odd years is such as will commend itself. Under its auspices was held. Tune , , the first large intercity Sanger- fest in the East, and it was on the occasion of this Sangerfest that the General Eastern Sangerbund was launched into existence.

That Philadelphia took the liveliest interest in this first National Sangerfest which her own singers had arranged, has been stated in our cursory view of the origin and activity of the Northeastern Sangerbund. The Allgemeine Gesangverein participated, of course, in all the National Sangerfeste which were held in the East from 1S During the period from , the interregnum of the Northeastern Sangerbund, the Philadelphia societies, at any rate, kept alive the interest in singing and singing affairs by arranging concerts and local Sangerfeste.

The Allgemeine-Gesang-Verein, however, had, like the Northeastern Sangerbund itself, ceased to exist. The resuscitation of the old or, to state the matter accurately, the organization of the local singing societies into an altogether new and infinitely liver union dates from We shall, therefore, content ourselves with acting the part of the occasionally more or less condensing or shortening transcriber. Toward the close of the question as to the advisability of arranging a great National Sangerfest, as one of the principal features of the Bi-Centennial celebration in , was eagerly discussed among individual singers and in the various singing societies.

A preliminary meeting was held January 2, , at the Mannerchor Hall, twenty societies being represented by delegates. It was resolved to arrange a local Sangerfest for the summer of , as a precursor to the great National Sangerfest in Faber, first vice-president; F. Lidhorst, second vice-president; E. Luedeke, recording secretary; C. Lang, corresponding secretary; A. Loewe, financial secretary; John Schwarzkopf, treasurer.