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Recommendations Sy. HughesEA Tsagli Hughes Tsatsu. This EA takes trades based on the 4hr time frame as an intraday trading strategy with respect to the lining up or confluence of the other time frames.. This robot works well on all asset classes listed on MetaTrader 5 platform and Any broker using ONLY MT5. The Strategy is a high probability one as it seeks to depend on other time frames for considerable momentum to trend so beautifully. There is no Martingale. It executes one trade at a time. It's a true trend EA and you will love the result.

PAX3 Price Action Indicator Marco Aurelio Santos Costa. You probably won't see the power of the indicator in the backtest, because it uses 3 windows, something you can't do, in the DEMO version that the site offers. Many people have requested the purchase of the life time indicator, so I am making it available for a limited time. Life Ti. Two Moving Average Crossover Alerts Serie MT5 Boris Armenteros. A classic among classics: crossing of two moving averages with all kinds of alerts. Features Crossing of 2 Moving Averages MAs at closing of the last bar; Both MAs can be set for any of the following averaging methods: Simple Moving Average SMA , Exponential Moving Average EMA , Smoothed Moving Average SMMA , Linear-weighted Moving Average LWMA ; Both MAs can be also set for any averaging period and for any of the following prices: Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Typical or Weighted; Any.

GoldenApple5 Peng Sun. GoldenApple is fixed volume martinlike Experts. Lot calculator tool MT5 Ernestas Kvedaras. More stable MetaTrader 4 version is available here: Lot Calculator Tool.

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This tool helps you to automatically calculate and manage risk, conveniently place orders visually, schedule orders, trail stops, move them to break-even and more. PD Reversal Patterns Denis Povtorenko. Fibo Retracao Maxima e Minima Full Robson Ferreira. Functional in the Forex market.

Motivation The technical indicator of Fibonacci retraction for many is essential and the basis for all forecasts of market movements. The name of the tool comes from the Italian mathematician Leonardo de Pisa 13th century. This FULL version will work in Meta Trader 5 on any type of account. To test on the DEMO account, download the free. Economic news calendar with history Mikhail Voronkov. This indicator displays future and historical economic events news on chart for currencies. Data is taken from fxstreet.

Download economic calendar data before using this indicator. Use Economic news calendar loader for that. Main features: History of economic news since Alert notifications in terminal, push notifications to your mobile phone or email notifications at customisable time prior to news release EA.

Night Lottery EA WebTech Media Ltd. The Night Lottery EA is a fully automated Expert Advisor that trades at night and relies on price reversion.

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The EA trades using market orders and uses time averaging to improve performance. This EA works best on EURUSD using the M5 timeframe.

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A VPS is advisable when trading this system. Check the comments for back test results and optimized settings. Extremum catcher MT5 Yurij Izyumov. The Extremum catcher MT5 indicator analyzes the price action after breaking the local Highs and Lows and generates price reversal signals with the ability to plot the Price Channel. If you need the version for MetaTrader 4, see Extremum catcher. The indicator takes the High and Low of the price over the specified period - 24 bars by default can be changed.

Then, if on the previous candle, the price broke the High or Low level and the new candle opened higher than the extremums, then a signal. MMM RSI for Scalping and Trend Andre Tavares. MMM RSI EA is based on two strategies: First, it opens Sell orders if the RSI indicator reaches the top value and opens Buy orders if it reaches the lowest value.

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The second strategy calculates the speed of price movements, defines the direction of trends and closes the pending orders when they reach the value indicated in the first parameter. If you desire to use it in scalping mode, you should set the twelfth parameter to TRUE and it will close any pending order that becomes profitable.

It is. Sun AI MT5 Arthur Hatchiguian. Sun AI is an aggressive scalper that uses an algorithm generated by my own machine learning system. It was built on more than 10 years of EURUSD history, which makes it reliable and accurate. The EA uses a martingale system to close positions. Powerful Hidden Cross Signal Ellan Dirgantara Tholkhah. The latest most requested Binary Options arrow indicator in the Garuda Signals product line is now on MT5! Binary options signal based on multiple time frame cross over analysis. Gets confirmation from the most consistent signals known to man; Ichimoku, SMA, Bollinger Bands; and also uses the 1 Hour time frame as trend confirmation , so you don't have to open up multiple chart and waste time.

Pattern Trader No Repaint MT5 Elmira Memish. Pattern Trader No Repaint Indicator MT5 Version Indicator searches for Pattern, Pattern, Double Top, Double Bottom Patterns , Head and Shoulders, Inverse Head and Shoulders, ZigZag 1. Pattern Trader indicator uses Zig Zag Indicator and Improved Fractals to determine the patterns. Targets and Stop Loss Levels are defined by Fibonacci calculations. Those levels must be taken as a recommendation. The trader may use different tools like Moving Av.

Pair Trading Station MT5 Young Ho Seo. How to use Pair Trading Station Pair Trading Station is recommended for H1 time frame and you can use it for any currency pairs. To generate buy and sell signal, follow few steps below to apply Pair Trading Station to your MetaTrader terminal. When you load Pair Trading Station on your chart, Pair Trading station will assess available historical data in your MetaTrader platforms for each currency pair.

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On your chart, the amount of historical data available will be displayed for each currency pai. Triangular EA vMT5 Kyra Nickaline Watson-gordon. Important : This is Arbitrage EA and may not work on all accounts. It is recommended to follow the testing process described on product screenshots. If you are not familiar with arbitrage trading, It is recommended to use our other trading robots. Strategy : EA will place trades based on Triangular Arbitrage strategy.

Triangular arbitrage also referred to as cross currency arbitrage or three-point arbitrage is the act of exploiting an arbitrage opportunity resulting from a pricing d. BookMap HeatMap Roberto Spadim. This Indicator creates a heatmap based on depth of market of the current symbol or another symbol.

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Other symbol is useful when you trade futures market and a contract has 'mini' and 'full' split. Please use with M1 timeframe , objects are too small to be displayed at higher timeframes MT5 limit. The number of level.

MFT Moving Average Convergence Divergence MACD Gabor Torma. Input parameters: TimeFrame - used time frame. TimeCorrection - use time correction.

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Can be true or false see the first screenshot: true is the first indicator, false is the second indicator. FastEMA - period for Fast Moving Average calculation. SlowEMA - period for Slow Moving Average calculation. SignalSMA - period for Signal line calculation.

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AppliedPrice - t. Double top bottom scanner with RSI filter MT5 Jan Flodin. It has RSI, pin bar and MACD or RSI divergence filter options which makes it possible to filter out only the strongest setups.

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Combined with your own rules and techniques, this indicator will allow you to create or enhance your own powerful system. Hull Moving Average Crossover Leif Christian Ringstad. This is a moving average crossover using two Hull Moving averages. Use the crossover as signals for entering a trade in the long or short direction. The Hull Moving Average HMA , developed by Alan Hull, is an very fast and smooth moving average. It has very little lag, and follows the price closely.

Parameters: Parameter Default value Options Fast Hull MA period 30 Any number of bars Fast. Delta Single Volume MT5 Chantal Sala. Delta Single Volume is a very powerful indicator that reads the supply on the Market. It calculates the Delta from movement of the price and the difference of BUY and SELL volumes. Its special structure allows you to get all timeframe values available on the MT5 platform. It works on Tick Volumes and Real Volumes if avalaibles on your Broker.

A good observation of this instrument can suggest great entry points and possible reversal. We are confident that this tool will help you to improve yo. OvalDragon Price Action Triet Lam Minh. Purpose: trading with price actions!