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Bitte aktualisieren Sie die Seite in wenigen Minuten und versuchen Sie es erneut. Wir entschuldigen uns für die entstandenen Unannehmlichkeiten. Der Swiss FX Marketplace ist eine Technologie für den Online-Handel, welche von Dukascopy Bank entwickelt wurde. SWFX ist spezialisiert auf institutionelle Liquidität und bietet sofortige Ausführung anhand der ECN-Technologie.

Liquidität und Preise einer Vielzahl von Banken und Aggregatoren werden in einem einzigartigen Marktplatz kombiniert. Schauen Sie sich unsere Instrumente und Spreads hier an kostenloses Demokonto. Dukascopy verwendet ein ECN-Gebührenmodell bei dem der Spread von den Handelsgebühren getrennt wird.

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Wir sind uns bewusst, dass Trader verschiedene Handelsstile anwenden. Deshalb hängt Ihre Kommissionsrate von drei verschiedenen Faktoren ab: Nettoeinlage, Kapital und Handelsvolumen. Keine Sorge, wir nehmen immer den Faktor, der am Besten für Sie ist! Handeln Sie beispielsweise viel, profitieren Sie von unserem Volumenrabatt.

Mehr Details in der Gebührentabelle in US-Dollar pro 1 Million gehandelter USD. Haben Sie mehr Fragen zu unseren Gebühren? Registrieren Sie sich für ein kostenloses Demo-Konto und Ihr persönlicher Kundenberater wird Sie kontaktieren, um Ihre Fragen zu beantworten. Eröffnen Sie ein Live-Konto online Die Video-Identifizierung mit Dukascopy Connect, einer von Dukascopy Bank entwickelten, kostenlosen und sicheren Messenger-App, dauert ca.

Great broker, great team of dedicated professionals who care about your needs and concerns; and are always ready to listen to you. If everything continues to be this way I'll stay with Dukascopy for a long time. I live and work in Switzerland. I can recommend Dukascopy Schweiz. I could write one page of positive features like liquidity, margin, spread, tick speed and exchange rate.

The company explains its decision by the growing demand for the platform among brokers and traders. Match-Trade Technologies LLC is a fully integrated forex technology provider that delivers turnkey solutions to all forex market participants looking to access the retail and institutional spot forex markets. Match-Trade has combined state of the art software components of matching engine technology that enables forex providers Brokers, Prime Brokers, and other LPs to participate in the new generation of transparent, distributed and independent ECN forex market.

The set of institutional solutions for MetaTrader 5 includes the products that are most necessary for arranging a business:. They will allow brokers to quickly implement the multi-asset platform into all aspects of their trading environment". South Africa's top online stockbroker GT The company's top management believe that MetaTrader 5 will enable them to remain in the sophisticated trading space, whilst offering their existing clients and new traders a world class functionality-rich trading platform.

The company was the lowest cost online retail broker for traders and the pioneer of trading in the region, allowing South African traders the ability to trade international markets in local currency. However, over the years the company realized that the legacy trading platform started falling behind the times:.

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Switching to MetaTrader 5 will now allow us to compete on a level playing field. Leather says GT MetaTrader 5 combines all of these platforms and portals into one. Our old platforms were easy to use, but they were very limited in functionality.

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They were good for traders who simply wanted to buy and sell, or look at charts, but they didn't appeal to traders who wanted to plug in algorithmic strategies. Now, MetaTrader 5 is able to satisfy all categories of traders. A new version of the Signals service for the MetaTrader platforms has been launched on the MQL5. The updated version features a new designed and a more convenient display of information.

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The old-fashioned table with a large number of figures was replaced by a lightweight tile view displaying a collection of the most popular signal parameters. The trader behavior analysis has revealed that traders only pay attention to from 3 to 5 most important values during their primary selection of signals.

A universal measure of a signal's success is the number of subscribers, as well as its profitability, minimal risk and stability. The MetaTrader 5 Signals showcase now features these important metrics, while detailed statistics are available on the signal description page. Now, traders can easily choose signals from the showcase, and then thoroughly analyze and compare selected signals using detailed statistics.

A new reliability parameter has been added to the MetaTrader 5 Signals Showcase for a quick evaluation of a signal. This aggregate value measures multiple parameters to simplify the comparison of signals in terms of investment reliability. Conversely, a moderate monthly growth and deposit load normally reduce investment risks, so reliability is higher in this case.

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Thus, the new showcase of MetaTrader 5 Signals enables a much faster preliminary search and analysis of signal providers. The new design, as well as the filtering and sorting options allow you to quickly find the desired signal among thousands of available offers. In addition, we have preserved the previous table view, so conservative traders can switch to their preferred format. The updated MetaTrader 5 Signals showcase is already available on MQL5.

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We invite everyone to test the re-designed Signals service on the website, from where you can also subscribe to a selected signal. On September 30, the Smart-lab. The developer of the MetaTrader 5 multi-asset platform MetaQuotes Software Corp. The main mission of the conference was to educate and inform participants about the Russian Financial Community. This year, the event was attended by more than stock market professionals. Exchange investors and traders shared their experience with the event attendees. The key topics of the conference were the fundamentals of algorithmic Russian stock trading, actual trends in the financial market, investment timing, robo-advisors and the global oil industry.

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Particular attention was given to the market of crypto-currencies and the appropriate market regulation questions. The following speakers presented further on the topic in a crypto-currency related session of the conference:. Fortex MetaTrader 5 Bridge OMX is a complex solution that allows institutional clients to easily connect to the deepest institutional liquidity pools.

The easy-to-use gateway provides all the benefits of interbank market access to retail Forex brokers. Based on custom FIX engine, MetaTrader 5 Bridge OMX is able to support depth of market price book , smart execution routing, sophisticated risk management and flexible revenue generating features. As MetaTrader 5 is on a winning march around the globe, the new integration solution is to address the needs of brokers migrating to the new platform.

One of the largest European STP brokers has added MetaTrader 5 to its trading platform portfolio. According to CFH Clearing top management, this latest addition maps onto its strategy of offering flexibility and choice to clients, with access to the very latest technology. CFH Clearing is a leading liquidity provider for small and medium sized institutional clients in the interbank PoP Prime of Prime market.

Being an interbank STP venue, the provider works with institutional clients in over 80 countries. CFH Clearing is part of TradeTech Group, the Financial Services division of Playtech, a FTSE company with 4 billion USD market capital. MetaTrader 5 is really gaining momentum and I believe that to be a leading, forward-thinking broker in this industry, it is important to offer MetaTrader 5 to clients".

The worldwide launch of the multi-market HFT platform with support for hedging by global brokers is not just another industrial trend but a deliberate choice in favor of the most technologically advanced product on the market". The famous US-based integrator has developed a gateway to link OTC FX with Exchange Traded Futures and Equities in MetaTrader 5. Fred Scala, Global Head of Sales at Forexware states, "This is our most robust tool for brokers looking to develop a high-speed, end-to-end solution.

The MetaTrader 5 platform and our Gateway complement our full product suite. Our Price Aggregator, Price Engine, and Risk Management tools offer brokers a top-notch solution to manage a successful FX brokerage business. According to the technology provider, the main benefits of the Forexware Gateway to MetaTrader 5 are:. With the Gateway to MetaTrader 5, we now have a product that addresses the needs of the institutional community. The migration of brokers to MetaTrader 5 is ongoing — JFD Brokers, Alfa-Forex, FreshForex, IGM Forex and USGFX have recently announced the launch of the platform with support for hedge accounts.

The Irish broker Squared Financial Services, Terra Investimentos from Brazil, Iraq-based Durian, as well as SDT Brokerage are also among the companies that started offering the multi-asset HFT platform to their traders in the summer of The number of brokers switching to MetaTrader 5 grows weekly — over industry participants currently offer the flagship platform to their clients.

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This dynamic is also due to active growth of the B2B market around MetaTrader 5 — more and more integrators become interested in developing institutional solutions for the new platform satisfying brokers' needs. The rapid evolution of the forex business and the changes in the regulatory environment, all have been adopted and integrated in the MetaTrader 5 platform.

This has become a substantial argument for us in favor of its launch. At the first phase, our clients will experience the basic MetaTrader 5 environment with hedging capability, at the second phase, they will be able to experience the market depth Level II trading environment with deep market liquidity, and at the third phase, our clients will be able to experience trading directly with the exchange". We wanted to follow the next step of technology evolution in order to stay on top of innovations in our industry.

MetaTrader 5 already comes with new, improved features such as an economic calendar, more order types and a wide range of time frames. To give traders that additional edge, we have created an exclusive version of the trading platform with a unique set of Add-Ons that features a lot of handy tools designed to further improve their trading. Our clients have been looking forward to the MetaTrader 5 launch to evaluate the expanded and improved functionality of the next generation platform, and we are happy to offer them this opportunity!

The new version of the MetaTrader 5 for iPhone and iPad provides the possibility to view market statistics of financial instruments traded in the exchange execution mode. In order to view the statistics, open the menu of any symbol in Market Watch, and select 'Statistics'. Also, operations with positions in the Trade tab have become more convenient in the new build. Now, a single tap on a position or order will reveal the detailed information and available actions, such as closing, modifying or increasing the position volume, as well as opening the chart of the position symbol. Download the mobile application and access brokers offering Forex, stock, futures and cryptocurrency trading from around the world.

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